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Vape Pod vs Vape Mod

What is the Difference Between Vape Pods and Mods?

Let’s jump straight into it with Pods vs Mods. For many years now, vaping goes hand in hand with vape mods. Sub-ohm atomizers and huge clouds. These days the new hype surrounding pods has become a true reflection on the needs of communities in the vaping industry. However, very few actually know the difference between vape pods and vape mods. The differences between these devices are vast. As the technology of pods and mods has expanded over the last few years. We will give you a quick rundown on these device differences.

Which is Right for you?

With the variety of vape pods available on the market we have focused on the five best devices. All refillable and a great alternative to vape mods. With more choice on e-liquids that can be used with these mod devices such as salt nic. For more info on salt nic and how it works click here, Salt Nic Explained. This is important in understanding the difference between pods vs mods.

There is a different variety on E-Juice for Vape Pods and Vape Mods

Most Vape mod devices are made for sub-ohm vaping. They usually use e-juices that have a higher VG (vegetable glycerin) content. A typical mix would be 70VG with 30PG and nicotine ranging from 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. The higher VG content is typically thicker and produces thicker vape clouds

Vape Pods however is more synonymous with Salt-Nic (Nicotine Salt) e-liquid. These Salt-Nic e-liquid is much higher in nicotine, typically these Salt-Nic e-liquids are available in 20mg, 25mg, 30mg, 35mg and 50mg. These different strengths are available depending on the throat hit you prefer. Mods vs Pods plays a big roll in which type of e-liquid you need to purchase. This would be comparable to your previous brand of cigarette you preferred. Before quitting smoking and changing over to vaping. It is advised not to use salt-nic e-liquid in your sub-ohm device.

Which is Better if you are Trying to Quit Smoking?

Vape Pods Are More Ideal For Smokers

We typically find in the vape community. That vape pods are often bought by someone who has made the switch from smoking to vaping. The Salt-Nic e-liquids come in a higher dose of nicotine. Thus giving the new vaper a nice throat hit compared to vape mods. This intense hit sensation make you want to pick up your vape instead of a cigarette. As the vape pod technology has improved so has the general look feel and design. And so too will the the gap between mods vs pods shrink. They are not bulky at all and a pleasure to carry around should you want to be discreet in vaping. Compact, lightweight and easy to carry around. They are designed especially to be easy to use. An awesome option should you not wish to be overwhelmed with unnecessary settings, just push and pull.

And for those who are More Experienced?

Professional Vape mods on the other hand are typically used by more advanced vapers. Who don’t mind carrying around larger devices. These devices vaporizes your e-juice in milliseconds and produces cloud and effect. With the varying setting you can decide the cloud, the flavour and the pull of every drag. With these you can choose to just buy your coils or spend some relaxing time building your own, where you can play around with the setup to experience various flavour and clouds, customizing it for your perfect vape hit.

Vape Pods Are Usually More Affordable

The industry has grown over the last five years making pod pricing highly competitive, thus more affordable that vape mods. A pod device sells for as low as R495

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