Saltnic Juice

Nicotine salts, saltnic juice or Nic Salts, are one of the newer kinds of vaping liquid and represent the latest in vaping science! Having become a well known around the world. This new juice provides the most popular vape flavours with a stronger vaping experience that is smoother and delivers better vaping!


Nic Salts or nicotine salts (also known as protonated nicotine). Are a new salt-based nicotine form different from the normal free-base nicotine we know. Previously used in most popular vape flavours.

These two forms of nicotine differ in that free-based nicotine is less stable than Nic Salts. Both forms of nicotine have previously been used as  vaping liquid. However Nic Salts have been shown to provide a more pleasant experience to vapers than free base nicotine.


Nic Salts are found in our vape juices along with PG, VG and water. These help carry the flavour and nicotine. In closed system vaping devices. The plug and play flavour pods carry the vape juice. All as Nic Salts. In open systems vaping devices. You would find the Nic Salts in the  vape juice used to refill the device’s tank.

When it comes to ingredients of vape juice, e-Liquid flavours are made of high-quality ingredients. Every juice is assessed and each batch of  vape juice is tested to ensure its goodness.

A strict, quality-controlled process is followed, which means that the products you receive are not only of the highest grade but ensures the best taste and feel.