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Helpful Vape Tips?

Here are our top, most helpful vape tips and tricks!

How do I know what liquid to choose?

It all depends on one’s pallet. Normally we categorise flavour under fruity blends. I.e. Some do come with menthol or koolada, deserts and Tobacco flavours. Generally coming off the cigarettes and onto vaping tobacco flavours would be most ideal. As it’s closer to the novelty of smoking. From here on out it all depends on what suits you best and what you are happy with. Helpful vape tips right?

What mg of nicotine should I use?

Our next helpful vape tip is for smokers. If you are smoking between 10-20 or more cigarettes per day. We would recommend starting off with a 6 mg nicotine E-liquid bottle. From here on out you can slowly progress to smaller dosages as you feel fit, it’s not long until you are cutting towards a 3mg then onto 0mg.

When building coils on a RTA, RDA or RDTA

It’s very simple and many get confused as often people are lead to believe that building your own coils requires a certain amount of skill or is dangerous -No! In fact building your own coil not only works out to be a lot more cost effective but the flavour that’s reached is certainly rewarding.

What’s better for me between RTA , RDA or RDTA

Quite simply RDA”s (rebuild able drip atomizer) are the best you can find in terms of tanks and flavour. RDA’s also known as drippers have no glass around the tank, it purely consist of a build deck (RBA) the cap and the mouth piece.

Only issue that occurs with RDA’s is although they are great with flavour you only receiving between 5-10 puffs before you need to “drip” saturate the cotton with juice again. This does become tedious. Especially if you a person on the go. This is where the RDTA (rebuildable drip tank atomizer) and RTA’s (rebuildable tank atomizer) comes in!  These tanks are designed to have the same cloud and flavour output at the RDA’s but ensures that your cotton (wick) stays saturated or primed with E-liquid. You’ll never receive a dry hit again! Definitely a helpful vape tip…

Health benefits

Every juice is mixed per ratio – all juices contain vegetable glycerine and PG. Along side your flavoured concentrates and nicotine depending on the quantity (0 mg,3 mg,6 mg). Most frequently used nicotine is 36 mg PG based per 100 ml. E-liquids have been case studied in most of the modern world countries and modern day scientist have stated that there is no hazardous side effects of vaping however, they don’t know the outcome in years to come. The nicotine is derived from 92% of your green-leaf vegetables. Did you know, that it’s healthier vaping a 0 mg E-liquid, then drinking a cup of coffee? The United Kingdom has announced it’s findings and claims that they find vaping to be at least 95% safer than smoking.

Building your own coil

Another helpful vape tip for building your own coil wire and using kanthal. Ensure that you dunk the wire in bicarbonate of soda! This certain property of metal releases a gas when heated at temperatures of about 1000 degrees Celsius.

What batteries are there and what do I use?

There are certain size batteries used, depending on the device, however the three main batteries sizes are 18650, 21700 and 20700 – these numbers are the measurements size of batteries. Most regulated and non-regulated mods require 18650s which consist of:

Samsung 25 R (2500mah) and are green in colour

LG -(3000mah) measuring at 3.7 v, also known as chocolates as they are brown in colour

Samsung 30 Q – (3000mah) and are pink

Golisi (2600mah)

Between these batteries only Samsung 25 R and Golisi 18650 can be used for mechanical mods. The longest lasting battery would be the LG’s, however batteries with the quickest charge percentage are Golisi’s.

There are many different brands of battery’s over and above the ones listed above, that are highly recommended. In terms of the other batteries such as the 20700 & 21700 the best make would be the Golisi and are most commonly used.


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