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RDA squonking

What is Squonking?

To a moderately experienced vaper,  RDA “squonking” probably sounds foreign. But for any vaping veteran out there who’s been around the block. Squonking represents a new and innovative experience for vape enthusiasts everywhere.

However, it’s not all fun and games. While this method is certainly revolutionary, it requires surgical precision. When performed incorrectly, squonking can literally blow up in your face.

So what is squonking? Let’s take an in-depth look at this method. Let’s see whether or not this new and exciting vape trend is right for you.

If you are familiar with an RDA tank (Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer). You will have asked the question at some point. What is Squonking? You will also know that the flavour is far more superior though vape production and has the sweet spot on flavour.

It’s also known for the tedious exercise of dripping. The user needs to constantly ensure they have their bottle of e-juice with them. However, here’s where the Squonk device comes in.

So what is Squonking and how does it work?

Essentially it’s quite simple to understand. It is a system where you mod has a soft squishy bottle installed inside the actual vape. Where an area of the mod is exposed to allow Squonking.

The bottle is also known as a gremlin bottle. Some come with a soft to more harder bottle. This results in the speed in which the juice shoots up the bottle. Through the top pipe and the 510 pin into the well of the tank. Allowing your Cotton to reciprocate through to the coil.

How does it go through the tank?

Ever notice the bottom pin of your tank?

Almost all new RDAs will come with two separate pins. One pin that’s completely solid normal draw screw and the second pin with a hollow tunnel through it. This will be used for the e-juice to be sent through.

So simply, how the process works, is once your RDAs wick has become dry or unsaturated all the user has to do is press the gremlin bottle shorting E-liquid straight up into the build deck, minimizing the tedious  exercise of dripping onto the coils and keeping capers away from that awful dry hit.

When Squonkers first came out, they were only introduced in mechanical mods. Unfortunately this wasn’t or isn’t used by majority of vapers. Especially beginners however, due the evolving industry, there are now Squonk mods that are regulated. These are now pretty much dominating the market.


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