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What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer? And why do we want want one?

A dry herb vaporizer, weed vaporizer, herbal vape pen or portable dry herb vape is a battery powered device. They let you turn your favourite solid herbs, medical marijuana or tobacco into vapor. Simply by grinding and loading it into your herbal chamber. Get a vaporizer today!

If the vaporizer uses a battery or a plug does not affect the temperature or the effect. Table vaporizers with plug are overall quicker on temperature and make your dry herb last a little longer than most portable vapes, that’s also why most cost more as a portable vaporizer for dry herb.

How it works

Your vaporizer condenses and preserves your vapor rather than losing it. If you were smoking a joint the herbs are constantly burning, whether you are smoking them or not! Similarly any diffuser’s are losing potency to the air. For Example, pot brewed in tea or cooked in brownies can lose their potency in the process. The chamber of your vaporizer for dry herb traps the vapor until you are ready for a hit.

To be clear, you’re still inhaling stuff into your lungs. However, it’s a cleaner vapor with fewer contaminants than smoke from a bowl or joint. You’ll absolutely be able to taste and smell a difference between smoked and vaped marijuana. The smoke from combustion tends to be harsher.

Overall aromatherapy enthusiasts prefer a convection vaporizer over a conduction vaporizer because of the precise temperature control and the evener spreading of heat over the dry herbs. Although the last years a lot of conduction vaporizers are catching up on the quality of vapor produced by a convection vape, with some even beating them by using isolated air path, precise temperature settings and increasing the size of the plate that has contact with the dry herbs.


The move to portable vaporizers from glassware and other devices has been growing rapidly since circa 2011. Vaporizers have been around for a long time, but mostly in the form of desktop vaporizers or at-home-vapes like the Volcano. As with everything, technology has finally made its way through to the world of pipes and papers. You can now easily vape while traveling and you don’t have to break the bank to do it.

There are also a large number of benefits of vaping a dry herb vaporizer. Here are just a few!

  1. Vaporizing is Healthier Alternative to Smoking Dry Herbs
  2. Vaporizers Are Very Discreet
  3. A Vape Is Cleaner and Convenient
  4. Vaping in the Wind
  5. Vape For A Better Taste With More Flavour


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