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vape dictionary

Know your Vape Lingo

Know your Vape Lingo:

Vape Vocabulary

You hear a lot of new words around vaping and e-cigs, some may be obvious, others not so much. So we put together a quick guide of the most common terms used.


A vaper is someone who uses electronic cigarettes.


The gaseous state of e-liquid after it has been heated by an electronic cigarette’s Atomizer. This is vapor that you inhale and exhale when using an electronic cigarette.


The atomizer in a vape pen (or any kind of vaporizer, for that matter) is essentially the heating element that actually converts the cannabis e-liquid (or other concentrate) into an “inhalable” vapor.


An e-cigs power source. There are different options, including re chargeable vapes, and a portable charger for your car.


Small container for e-liquids that makes contact with an atomizer to produce vapor. (Also referred to as Cartomizers)

Drip Tip

The drip tip is an alternative to the more common e-cigarette cartridge or cartomizer. It’s a re usable hollow tube that screws on directly to the atomizer, letting the user to drip vape juice on to it. This not only eliminates the need for cartridges, but also allows for a a much more tasty vaping experience.


An electronic cigarette or vape is an electronic device that simulates the experience of smoking a cigarette. It works by heating a liquid which generates an aerosol, or “vapor”, that is inhaled by the user. Using a vape is commonly referred to as vaping. The liquid in the vape, called e-liquid, or juice, is usually made of nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerine, and flavourings. Not all e-liquids contain nicotine


Every e-cigarette or vape uses a “medium” to create vapor. The most popular of course is a liquid (that can contain nicotine). E-liquid (or e-juice) is held in pre filled, disposable flavour pods and is also available in various sized bottles


Another term for “e-liquid“.

Nicotine Strength

The amount of nicotine in e-liquids, usually a percentage of nicotine by mass. Most vape juice has an amount of nicotine, measured in milligrams per millilitre (mg/ml, or often just mg), with nic strengths available in 0 mg to 24 mg and beyond.

Puff Count

The amount of puffs or inhales a vape device provides before the e-liquid is finished.


A pod for e-liquid that also houses an atomizer.

Throat Hit

A throat hit is the feeling and that you get in the back of your throat and lungs after breathing in a nicotine based vapor.


Sub ohm vaping, also known as sub ohming, is a style of vaping that produces large clouds of vapor. Sub ohm devices utilize low resistance coils that are less than one ohm, hence the name sub ohm


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