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What is leaking in my vape tank?

What is Leaking in my Vape?

Leaking happens when e-juice escapes from your tank, usually through the airflow system. Depending on the reason behind it. Leaking can range from a few drops of e-liquid. To having your tank emptying all of its contents all over your vape mod. It’s a common problem with even the most popular sub ohm tanks. Best sellers of previous years, have been troubling vapers with leaking due to design oversights or common user errors.

While there are a few common culprits, the good news is that there are ways to prevent leaking from happening. First, we will start with some general tips, and then go into more depth depending on the device you’re using.

Tighten your vape Tank.

Let us start nice and simple. If you have e-liquid escaping from the joins in your tank, make sure everything is connected properly. Ask yourself what is leaking in my vape? Are the top and the base tightened properly? If there are gaps because the parts of your tank aren’t screwed together properly, the e-liquid will leak from these.

But not too tight…you don’t want to over tighten the parts of your tank, such as the base where the coil sits. You might not be able to get them apart again and this can also lead to cross threading. If the threads aren’t sat together properly this can also allow vape juice to escape, resulting in leaking in my vape.

Fill your Vape Tank Properly.

One of the most common reasons there is leaking in my vape, lies in the filling. You have to be filling your tank properly. First up you have to ensure that you don’t overfill your tank. There should always be a bubble of air at the top, this helps create a vacuum in the tank and can help prevent e-liquid from leaking out of the airflow holes of your tank.

Check your Coil and Vape Juice Combo.

Your vape tank has a coil inside it and there will probably be various resistance options for you to choose from. The different resistance coils not only perform differently but they are also suited to different types of vape juice which can lead to leaking in my vape.

Vape like a vaper, not a smoker.

If you aren’t inhaling correctly on your e-cig, it can absolutely cause leaking in my vape. Smoking and vaping are different things and while they feel very similar you have to vape differently than you would have smoked.

When you are smoking, there is something already lit and burning. The work is already done for you. So you can take short sharp draws on a cigarette. Not so with a vape. You need to take longer draws.

Don’t lie your vape tank down.

The last tip on our list is the easiest. Simple! don’t lie your vape tank down. Almost all vape mods and vape pens have a flat base and this is there for a reason.

Your vape tank should be stored stood up and any laying flat of your e-cig tank should be avoided at all costs!


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