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Saltnic nicotine and nic salts for pod devices

Saltnic Explained

Salt Nicotine is for pod devices only. It has defiantly blossomed into something quite revolutionary. Nic salts are another organic form of nicotine which is different to our historically or rather typically used free base nicotine. Which we are all familiar with. I noticed that saltnic’s have a higher percentage of nicotine. This made me intrigued of what saltnic really is and why there’s such a hype behind the new developed nicotine.

Along further investigation. I’ve found that free based nicotine contains protons, an extract from the organic base, leaving the nicotine altered. Whereas, saltnic is still organic and is not altered. Meaning there’s  still protons in the actual nicotine extract alongside other natural extract from the Tobacco plant. As a result the saltnic compound is more natural then free based nicotine.

Saltnic isn’t for Everyone.

This is a point to remember. It is extremely beneficial to those who wants to stop smoking cigarettes immediately. These Saltnic compounds allow the nicotine to be absorb into the blood a lot faster. Allowing this style of vaping to be more suited for those who want to quit. Vapers who prefer a larger and more powerful device. Will notice a difference between what they use and MTL devices (mouth to lung). Which offer less volume in terms of cloud production. Now saltnic devices which we call pod devices offer a similar experience when it comes to MTL devices, such as  a more discrete style of vaping with a strong nicotine hit on the throat, due to the chemical compound, nic salts are essentially a lot smoother then our normal free based nicotine.

Is it for you Though?

Free-base is more available as it’s far more common and is compatible in almost every tank and device. There are far more flavours to choose from when it comes to free based nicotine. However, there’s a lot less nicotine, so this requires you to vape further to reach satisfaction.

Nicsalt juices are growing as it’s a revolutionized product, but can’t compare to the amount of free base flavours. The high nicotine dosage will allow the vaper to be more satisfied for a longer amount of time, meaning one simply will be using less liquid which will also turn out to be more cost effective for user.  The Maintenance to run a pod system rather than a High powered device is a lot more convenient. As the cartridges tend to serve longer in the pod devices, then the traditional coil(s). This is because pod systems don’t require such high wattages. Ideally if you looking to just stop smoking, saltnic is the way. Ultimately it’s discrete, safe and has the novelty of a cigarette, but the health benefits of vaping.

Is Saltnic Safe to use?

The debate of nic salts safety is still argued by doctors, scientist, advocates, Federalizes and the general public.

According to reports from the National Academy of Sciences engineering and Medicine. They concluded that using E-Cigarettes reduces ones exposure to a large amounts of harmful toxicants. Typically found in combustible cigarettes.

In Conclusion.

Vaping and vaping saltnics is far superior in terms of health benefits. Compared to cigarettes, or any other form other than smoking. I need to mention that Benzoic acid is in use to produce saltnic flavours.

Benzoic acid is found and occurs naturally in many plants and is currently in use for food preservation. The use of Benzoic acid does not change the fact that saltnic isn’t safe to use. However, it’s vital to know that you cannot heat this acid at high temperatures or wattages. It’s only use is in Pod devices. Therefore, saltnic flavours can only be used in low wattage device or MTL units.


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