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BioProtect vs Covid-19 Best protection that kills covid-19

BioProtect vs Covid-19

The real facts and figures that prove Bioprotect is the best sanitizer for not only Covid-19 but everything else too! Keep your families and loved ones safe during this epidemic.

Help us apply BioProtect, the Best Sanitizer to South Africa:

With the ongoing battle we are experiencing in South Africa today. BioProtect SA brings you products that are designed to modify surfaces, provide disinfection and durable long term antimicrobial protection. This kills the SARS-COV-2 virus responsible for COVID-19 and inhibits the growth of bacteria and much more. BioProtect SA is effective for as long as 90 days! This helps bring easy and safe sanitation to homes and the work place!

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Protection from Covid-19 in the home and Office:

Our products can be used in and on a wide variety of surfaces in the home and at the office. You can protect the health of those closest to you by providing a new standard of clean at the office, factory and in your own home with the best sanitizer.

Bioprotect vs Covid-19 FACTS

Innovative Technology:

EPA registered technologies are used to modify surfaces, providing disinfection and durable long term antimicrobial protection that kills and inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that can exist on day to day surfaces.

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Guaranteed Safety:

These products have all of the necessary certifications and registrations. To ensure the safety of living beings and the environment. This is because our products are water based, with patented technology, and uses NO triclosan, heavy metals or poisons! It Truly is the best sanitizer!

5l Bioprotect polycan. The best sanitizer for covid-19

How it works:

When applied to a surface or incorporated into a manufacturing process, the solution forms a covalent bond with the surface creating a durable micro-biostatic antimicrobial coating. This coating forms a nano-bed of spikes, each of these spikes carries a positive charge that attracts the negatively charged bacteria. The negatively charged bacteria once attracted to, the molecular spikes. Pierce the cell and rupture its cell membrane, which is what causes the bacterial microorganism to die on contact. Resulting in this being the best protection from Covid-19 and all other airborne pathogens.

Bioprotect the best hand sanitizer vs Covid-19

How do I place an order?

Firstly, click on the button View in Store” below. This will secondly, direct you to where you can purchase any of our products. So too can you Email us and we will match you to the product that best suits your needs!

Demonstrations Available:

Simply give us a call on +27 (0) 82 411 1311 or send us an email describing what products would be best suited to your needs. To see Bioprotect vs Covid-19 in action. One of our qualified team members will get in touch with you to arrange a demonstration shortly!

BioProtect vs Covid-19 The best Sanitizer

Final Thoughts Bioprotect vs Covid-19:

We disinfect your homes and offices without the use of poisons or metals, which means furthermore, that it does not create resistant microbial strains!
BIOPROTECT SA products are a truly green solution to combat microbial growth. So what are we waiting for? Let’s take the power away from these types of harmful pathogens together!

BioProtect vs Covid-19 The best Sanitizer


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