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Enhance your vaping experience. Vape Tips

6 Ways to Enhance Your Vaping Experience

More people choose to go the vaping route since traditional smoking has its dangers and, quite frankly, limitations. Close to 9 million Americans are reported to be vaping, and it’s quite understandable. Enhance your vaping experience with these nifty tips.

Vaping offers users various flavours, and it has fewer severe effects on your lungs and general health than cigarettes.

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Apart from that, vaping is also drawing in more users because of its fun element. You could blow substantial vapor clouds in the air, and that sight alone is enough to get one excited about vaping. If you’re a novice and are looking to get the best vaping experience from your e-juice flavours, here are some ways you could do it.

1.  The E-Juice You Use Matters

E-liquid is a vital part of the whole vaping experience. Experts say its valuation will reach the USD 7 billion mark by 2027. The plethora of options when it comes to e-liquid flavours is nothing short of impressive. If you’re new to vaping, there’s a lot of flavours you could experiment with.

Some of the popular flavours among vapers are Banana Nut Bread and Gummy Bear. It’s essential to read up on the e-liquid flavours before trying them out. Choosing vaping flavours is something based on your taste. Don’t let anyone coerce you into picking something. You may end up not liking it and spoiling your whole vaping vibe.

Poor storage of your e-liquids can also lead to their flavour degrading and spoiling your experience. Keep your e-liquids in a dry and cool place. Think of them like fine wine. With slight aging, the higher quality juices improve on taste. Ensure you minimize the amount of heat and air coming into contact with your e-liquids.

You should also buy them from verified vendors. They may stock up on a variety, including CBD juices, and if you’re used to edibles like CBD gummies, it can be great to try vaping it instead.

2.  Maintain Your Device to Ensure Its Workability and Longevity

When you buy your vape pen, that’s when the real work starts. It comes with an instruction manual and a bunch of other accessories. Make sure you read it and understand how each component works. The longevity of your device is totally up to you.

Your’ vape pen may be of the highest quality, but its life will be short-lived if you don’t maintain it. It’s important to clean it regularly and carefully. Each vape pen is unique and contains various features, thus requiring varied kinds of cleaning. A well-maintained vape pen will work better and give you a great experience while using it.

3.  Only Buy Your Flavours from Verified Stores

Another essential when you’re purchasing any vaping accessories is whom you’re buying from. Is the shop or website reliable? Countless stores sell vape pens and all the related accessories, but if they aren’t verified, it would be wise if you didn’t buy from them.

If you choose to go with online retailers, do your research and find out more about them. Compare various retailers and choose the better one. It would be a shame if you bought any vaping accessory online, only for it to malfunction with the first use.

That would dampen your vape experience.

4.  Regulate Your Wattage and Temperature Correctly

It’s quite obvious that temperature influences how things taste, and it’s no surprise that your e-juice may taste sweeter at one temperature and richer at another. Your heat coil setting on your vape pen will determine the type of flavour you experience.

Every e-liquid has its optimal temperature. Some may taste great at 20W, and others at 30W. To improve your vaping experience, you just have to find the sweet spot for your device’s coil temperature. The difference it will make if you’ve been vaping at lower or higher temperatures will surprise you. This is just another way to enhance your vaping experience.

5.  Go with Glass Vape Tanks

Your vaping device’s tank is essential. You have to regularly check on it to avoid any issues it may have. These tanks are generally made from plastic or glass. By all means, try and steer clear of vape devices with plastic tanks because they aren’t that sturdy.

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Some flavours may be acidic, and no vape device with a plastic tank will handle that. Citrus or menthol flavor can erode the material and destroy your tank. Getting a glass tank is the best option since it can handle the more robust flavours without degrading your experience.

6.  Mind Your Tongue

One of the biggest challenges to experiencing the most out of your flavour can be your tongue. When your tongue tastes the same flavour for too long, it can become fatigued.

The best way to avoid this is by trying out various flavours, but if you don’t want that, drink lots of water periodically to keep your taste buds in check. If you feel your tongue is tired, suck on a lemon or take a whiff of fresh coffee beans. They will help reset your palate and enhance your vaping experience.


Vaping is versatile. If you find a brand or a flavour you like, go with it. There are so many other things that can affect your experience while vaping. It’s always a good idea to go with a vaping device, you understand. The specifications, model, and wattage differ, and since this is your delivery mechanism, it matters the most.

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