Replacement Pod

Replacement pods and cartridges are necessities for anyone using pod mods or non-disposable ciga-like vapor devices. Sooner or later, you’re going to need some replacements to keep you vaping. So let’s go over what they are and how to get them.

If you’re not familiar with pods and cartridges, this might seem confusing at first. What kind do I need? Can I switch my pod out for one from another device? Luckily, here at we have all your answers! Our online store is chock-full of pods and cartridges to choose from.  

 NOVO Replacement Pod Cartridges

Pods are small containers that store e-liquids in closed- and open-system pod mods. They snap or screw into pod mod batteries. Replacing spent pods that have been drained of their liquid and no longer produce vapor.  

Cartridges are similar to pods, but instead of containing a disposable liquid tank and small wick drawing liquid to a coil, cartridges are filled with wicking and liquid commingled.

Both pods and cartridges use a simple snap in/out function that’s easy for new vapers to use, and both are designed to be replaced once empty (though open-system pod mods can often be refilled three or four times before they stop working).