SMOK vapes pursue the ‘Quality First’ concept. It always regards quality as the core competitiveness of products. As well as, the foundation for survival and development.

Efficient Quality Management:

Implementing an efficient quality management system. Stabilizing and improving the product quality are not only an important task of the company. But also, the central line of production and operation.

Raw Material and Production:

From the purchasing of raw materials. To the production and manufacture. And to the ex-factory quality inspection. The Quality Department strictly follows the quality monitoring workflow to repeatedly test and verify the products. This sets SMOK vapes apart from the competition.

Random Sampling and Inspection:

Various monitoring methods are adopted. Such as:

  • Random Sampling
  • First Sample Inspection
  • Process Inspection
  • Ex-Factory 100% Quality Inspection

This helps to resolutely wipe defective products out of the market. Ensuring that every marketed product meets the requirements of functionality, safety and reliability.


The company has passed many international certifications. Including the: ISO9001 quality management system certification

  1. UL8139
  2. CE
  3. RoHS
  4. FCC

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