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VOOM Basic Pod Kit

Description: VOOM Starter Kit includes a premium rechargeable electronic cigarette, 1 x pod, 1 x USB charging doc. The VOOM e-cigarette is injection moulded for a premium finish, the powerful 320mAh battery will give you all day vaping from a single charge.

VOOM Charging Case

Key Features 1200mAh Battery Specifications: 108mm in Length (including pod) x 20mm Wide x 7.2mm deep LED colour changing (battery) notifications USB-C charging port Package Includes: 1 × 1200mAh Charging Case 1 × Type-C USB Cable

VOOM Disposable 50mg 1×10

VOOM Disposable 50mg - 1x10 Available in 12 MOUTH WATERING Flavours: Tobacco Blueberry Mint Lush Ice (Watermelon Ice) Mango Orange Ice OMG (Orange, Mango & Grape) Grape Ice Peach Ice Strawberry Banana Banana Ice Apple Ice

VOOM Iris Rechargeable Disposable 20mg 1×12


VOOM Iris Rechargeable Disposable 20mg 1x12

An awesome collection of rechargeable, disposable vape pods! Available now in Seven tasty flavours. Pick your favourite or try them all. It's up to you. 12 pods per box and each pod is 20mg nicotine.

VOOM Pods 20mg 1×3

VOOM Pods 20mg 1x3 Available in 9 SCRUMPTIOUS Prefilled Flavour Pods

VOOM Pro Pod Kit

VOOM Pro Pod Kit: A sleek and stylish rechargeable device, including a Pod and USB charging doc. VOOM will give you an unrivalled vaping experience.