Yeti Cotton Candy Original


Yeti Cotton Candy Original

These awesome frozen flavours are available in 3mg nicotine and 100ml bottles.

A perfect summertime vape!

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Yeti Cotton Candy Original 100ml

Yeti Frozen Cotton Candy:

  • Available in 3mg 100ml Only!


Yeti E-liquid is the latest product to take the industry by (snow) storm.
These products are incredibly juicy and dangerously icy.
We recommend that users try this product with caution, as we are hearing more & more reports of people’s minds being blown after the consumption of Yeti E-Liquid.

  • Original

Here for one night only, the YeTi has snowballed into town taking you on a
frosty trip down memory lane with classic cotton candy.

  • Blue Bubble

An iconic bubblegum chew wrapped with delicious cotton candy packed with
a blast of YeTi freeze.

  • Apple Mango

Ladies & gentlemen it’s showtime! Sit back, relax and let the YeTi contort your
senses with an apple and mango surprise.

  • Grape & Blackberry

Step right up, don’t be shy! Hit your tastebuds with an avalanche of sweet
grape and tart blackberry in true YeTi style.

  • Cherry Strawbs

Scream if you want to go faster! Helter skelter your way into a fluffy cloud of
juicy cherries and strawberries.

  • Rainbow

The YeTi has hooked your favourite rainbow candies and spun them in a
waltzer of sugar, goldfish not included.

  • Tropical

A menagerie of tropical fruit flavours to tantalize your tanks from the
mysterious Arctic ring-master.


Yeti is the coldest, tastiest e-liquid brand on the market. There’s no secret ingredients in here… Just a bit of clever cooking by the Yeti himself.


Yeti E-liquids


Yeti E-liquids

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Yeti Apple Mango 3mg 100ml, Yeti Blue Bubble 3mg 100ml, Yeti Cherry Strawbs 3mg 100ml, Yeti Grape And Blackberry 3mg 100ml, Yeti Original 3mg 100ml, Yeti Rainbow 3mg 100ml, Yeti Tropical 3mg 100ml