Leaf Tobacco Salts, Dark Bean Espresso 30ml

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Dark Bean Espresso Salts 30ml

Available now in 20mg, 35mg and 50mg nicotine strengths.

Awesome dark roast espresso bean flavour to keep you up all night!

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Leaf Tobacco Salts, Dark Bean Espresso 30ml

Leaf Tobacco, Dark Bean Espresso nicotine salts 30ml.

A fantastic, dark roast, coffee flavour full of the nuances and undertones expected from a great shot of espresso!

What is leaf tobacco?

Tobacco leaves are long, elliptical green leaves. … Tobacco leaves have short hairs which excrete a yellow substance which contains nicotine. The plant itself is an annual herb that bears five-petaled, trumpet-shaped flowers. Fresh-cut Tobacco leaves have a grassy scent.
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