GBOM N’Dulge Peach Paradise


Peach Paradise!

This awesome peach flavour is now available in 2mg or 5mg nicotine

and in 120ml bottles! Order now for overnight delivery to your door!

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GBOM N’Dulge Peach Paradise

GBOM N’Dulge Peach Paradise:

  • Available in 5mg & 2mg 120ml Only!

A flavour that will make you feel peachy, on a beach lounge chair in paradise. A sweet tropical fruit with a buttery texture with every bite, this flavour is peach-er perfect!


Establish in 2017, a Cape Town based E-Liquid Company which is simply nothing short of extraordinary. We Pride ourselves with World Class flavours to choose from. Let it be known that every single flavour is as majestic as the other.

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