Is Voom vape good?

The Voom pod mod provides a fantastic vaping experience. With a smooth throat hit and a powerful and robust flavour from the pods. The device’s micron ceramic coil is of exceptional quality. Producing finer smoke and a gentler throat sensation in addition to a rich flavour.

How long do pods last?

Usually refilled Voom replacement pods last around 3-5 days. However, this varies depending on how frequently you vape. Knowing the symptoms that your pod needs to be refilled is crucial. A decrease in flavour and vapour released from your pod are two warning signals that you need to top up your pod.

Can you refill vape pods?

These pods use a magnetic connection and offer a secure attachment once inserted in the pod device kit. Voom replacemet pod come in refillable and pre-filled pods. For the refillable pods simply remove the top cap mouthpiece and fill the port with your preferred e-liquid. To refill these pods. As for the pre-filled pods, they are simply inserted into the device and ready to go. These are available in a variety of different flavours.

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