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Mojito Apple Lime

Apple Lime is blend of zesty limes and crispy green apples to tastemuch like the cocktail for an all day refreshing vape.

Mojito Blackcurrant

Get ready to experience the awesome taste of virgin mojito mixed with our precisely brewed blackcurrant and tropical juice slush. It’s that special flavour that will tingle and tantalise those taste buds like no other.

Mojito Honey Flakes Desert

The delicious crispy flake of golden corn with a touch of honey gives you great taste to start your day.

Mojito Lemon Blast E-Liquid

Put a zing in your step with our mojito lemon blast. Carefully engineered to deliver a lemony hit that follows with a sweet candy ending. Everything you want from an all day vape Ratio VG/PG : 70/30

Mojito Mango Madness E-Liquid

Mojito Mango Madness- You will find no other mango E-juice that compares with this delicately fine tuned combination with the classic mojito. The elegant mango elevates the taste experience adding a touch of elegance and class to your vaping day. Ratio VG/PG : 70/30

Mojito Melon Blue

California Virgin Mojito Melon Blue- got your attention? Savour the delicious flavour of refreshing sweet watermelon that is perfectly paired with the classic mojito. Quality at a premium this juice will refresh and invigorate. Ratio VG/PG : 70/30

Mojito Peach Juicy


Mojito Just Peachy

No other Peach E-juice compares with this delicately fine-tuned combination with the classic mojito. The elegant peach elevates the taste experience adding a touch of elegance and class to your everyday vape. Ratio VG/PG : 70/30

Mojito Pineapple E-Liquid

Pineapple Candy is a cocktail of juicy pineapples infused with sweet candy perfect blended to make you wanting more. Ratio VG/PG : 70/30

Mojito-Banana Foster Desert

A superb dessert made from banana & vanilla ice cream with a sauce made with butter , brown sugar, cinnamon & our special ingredients.