Juicey Mambo e-liquids are crafted with TPD compliant ingredients to the finest vape blends

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Berries Jam E-Liquid

A mixed of raspberries, blueberries ,cranberries and strawberries to give you a kick for your breakfast fix.

Blackcurrent Candy E-Liquid

Juicy blackcurrants into a chewy candy.It’s thick and strong flavors that satisfies your palates without fail.

Champagne Grape E-Liquid

A king of grapes breed which popular across the Japanese vineyard.It’s sweet and sour and it’s highly addictive.

Exotic Mango E-Liquid

A combination of ripe and sweet thai mango with a twist of green mango to seduce you further.

Hookah Apple E-Liquid

A mix of red and green apple, infused with spices that gives you a smooth woody throughout the exhale.

Tropical Lychee

Asian litchi blended with various white flesh of tropical fruits ,a quence of rambutan if you’ve tested the real fruit before.

Watermelon Bubblegum

Classical watermelon bubblegum with a twist of mixed tropical fruits