Jam Monster

Jam Monster E-Liquid, Based in Orlando, Florida. Made by Monster Vape Labs. Is always leading the industry regarding innovation. As well as, quality standardization of the e-liquid industry.

In 2017, Monster Vape Labs completed construction on its 47,000 square ft. manufacturing facility!

Monster Vape Lab’s Mission

Monster Vape Lab’s mission is to provide adults of legal age with a variety of options. To help them on their journey to quit smoking.

In 2021, Monster Vape Labs again led the industry. In switching all of its products to Non-Tobacco derived Nicotine!

Our Non-Tobacco derived Nicotine is 100% free of any tobacco. It is made in our state-of-the-art laboratory. Which results in a more pure and tasteless nicotine.

Synthetic Nicotine (NO Tobacco)

  1. Our synthetic approach to nicotine results in:
  2. a more enjoyable
  3. smooth flavour experience
  4. for all palates

It is free of any tobacco impurities often found in tobacco-based nicotine.

Jam Monster E-Liquid Labs prides itself in being an industry leader. As well as offering a truly premium vaping experience to all of its customers!

Jam Monster is a favourite among vape lovers. This popular brand uses different flavour choices suggested by customers to prepare their favorite vape juice.

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