The GBOM VAPES and Gbom E-liquid logo is a fundamental part of our company vision and goals. Etched with years of experience in the vape industry, the use of both logos should be carefully considered.

Our primary logo adheres to our colour scheme, and should not change in colour, dimension or any other aspect.


Establish in 2017, a Cape Town based E-Liquid Company which is simply nothing short of extraordinary. We Pride ourselves with World Class flavours to choose from. Let it be known that every single flavour is as majestic as the other.


Our liquids are created to suit any mood or time of day, with us having searched for the perfect combinations that are not only kind on your coils, but which will set your tongue spinning – every time!

Gbom Vapes e-liquid is manufactured locally here in the good old South Africa. They provide a variety of explosive e-liquid flavors that is sure to hit the spot. There e-liquids are a favorite among South Africans.