510 Vape Adapter

510 Vape Adapter

How does the 510 Adapter get its name?

The 510 adapter get its name from the length of the connector and the amount of threads it has for it to make a connection.

It runs 5mm long and 5 threads is on the male connection, which is on the atomizer, and the other 5 is on the female connection. Which is on the battery or mod.

How to maintain your 510 Adapters?

In order to maintain the 510 connector on both male and female, there are a couple of steps you can take to preserve its life.

The metal components can oxidize and cause a poor connection over time. The best way to combat this is by taking a cue tip or paper towel with a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Use this to wipe both threads and pins. E-liquid leaking down the threads is usually the culprit for this oxidization. So be careful when refilling your atomizers!

For the insulator for the connector, a simple visual inspection can determine if it’s time to replace it. If it’s dry, cracked, or ripping in any way. It’s towards its life time and should be replaced soon. If it shows signs it has melted at some point. Stop using the atomizer until you replace that insulator. If it fails, it can damage your whole set-up.