18650 Vape Battery

Have you heard of the 18650 battery? I stumbled upon Fenix-store.com and learned they use a specific battery in many of their lights. 18650 batteries are lithium-ion batteries.

They get their name from their size: 18mm by 65mm. These batteries are not only used in flashlights, but also in: power tools, electric vehicles, vaporizers, cameras, laptops, and more!

A High Drain Battery?

A High Drain battery basically means the battery gives out a larger amount of current than regular batteries. 18650 batteries can have anywhere from 300 to 500 charging cycles, which is insane! It usually takes about 3 hours to charge a 18650 lithium-ion battery fully.

You know how back in the “old days,” we were taught to let a rechargeable battery go completely dead before -recharging it? Well, that is definitely not the case anymore. I would suggest always keeping your 18650 vape battery charged over 3.5 volts to maximize your usage.

Keep Your Batteries Charged!

The higher the voltage, the longer your 18650 lithium ion battery will last. Good to know, right? If you have spare 18650 batteries that do not get a lot of regular use, I would suggest charging them at least once every three months.

Having fully charged back up batteries is always a good thing.

18650 Vape Battery