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3 x Nasty Juices For R900!

ASAP GRAPE (High Mint)

Black Grape combined with ripe berry and other similar fruits produces this delicious grape juice!

1 x Trap Queen (High Mint)

This flavour contains a wonderful ripe strawberry fruit freshly harvested from farm.

1 x Passion Killa (High Mint)

A triple up passion fruit taste does say it all. A tropical fruity EXPLOSION!

Cushman Double Up R599


You Get:

1 x Cushman Mango Grape
This electrifying combination of Mango and Grape creates a new unique yet exotic kind of flavour you cannot miss out on!
1 x Cushman Mango Strawberry
Experience a wonderful taste from the world's best strawberries!

Cushman Mango Grape Combo Special

Cushman – Mango Grape The combination of Mango and Grape creates a new unique yet exotic flavour. Sharp and Tangy

Dizzit Double Up Combo R599


You Get:

1 x Dizzit Strawberry Cheesecake
Try the new mouthwatering Strawberry Cheesecake flavour and blow your mind.
1 x Dizzit Donut Caramel E-Liquid
Blissful balance of caramel and a hint of nuts all wrapped up in a scrumptious donuts!

Juice Man’s Unicorn Combo R599


You Get:

1 x Unicorn Frappe 100ml - 3mg
A blend of whipped creams, cotton candy, with a fruity base of raspberry and mango to keep your mouth watering.
1 x Unicorn Frappe on Ice 100ml - 3mg
Unicorn Frappe is a sour blue raspberry vape complete with notes of mango and whipped cream.

Nasty Juice Silver and Bronze Blend Tobacco Combo R600

1 x Nasty Juice – Tobacco – Silver Blend Classic and upscale blend, with hints of vanilla custard in each

Nasty Shisha Salts Combo R599


You Get:

1 x Nasty Shisha Salt Green Grape 35mg
Crisp and sweet flavour. The combination of crisp texture with a popping of sweetness has made this a tasty addition to our Shisha flavoured saltnic’s
1 x Nasty Shisha Salt – Double Apple 35mg
Imagine biting flavourful red apple. Then to green apple that’s little sour, but very juicy. A perfect mix proven in history of Shisha!

Nasty Shisha Triple Up Combo R899


Nasty Shisha Tiple Up Combo

Mix and match any three of the following to make your own triple combo!!
Nasty Shisha Grape Raspberry 3mg
Ripe grapes were chosen to get the fruity and earthy taste, mixed with fresh sweet raspberry.
Nasty Shisha Lemon Mint 3mg
Juicy citrusy lemon feels, the classic sour lemonade combined with a bit of sweet cool sensation from mint.
Nasty Shisha Double Apple 3mg
Imagine biting flavourful red apple. Then to green apple that’s little sour, but very juicy.

The Fog Clown Triple Combo only R750!

FogClown Salts Caramel Frappucino
Caramel Frap for all our coffee aficionados!
FogClown Salts Blueberry Rook
T the blueberry pavlova, creamy saltnic creation you must try if you a desert fan.
FogClown Salts Caracco Knight
Straight tobacco, Once you drip you’ll never skip. Caracco saltnic made for vivid Tobacco lovers!

Zonk Double Up Combo R599

ZONK Mixed Berry
Hand picked, perfectly ripened berries and mixes them in with the beloved taste of super sweet bubble gum.
ZONK Pink Lemonade
Tart and fresh tasting pink lemonade with a sweet, classic flavoured bubble gum!
ZONK Cotton Candy
Fluffy, sweet cotton candy and classic bubble gum flavour.
ZONK Watermelon Strawberry
A bubble gum flavour that has sweet watermelon and strawberry mixed in for an extra kick that will make you fall head over heels in love with this cloud worthy juice!