18650 vape batteries are by far the most common batteries used in vaping right now.

Each has its own specifications that will affect the vaping experience. Their name comes directly from traits about the battery.

The 18 in the battery comes from its diameter, which is 18 millimeters. The 650 means that the battery’s length is 650 millimeters

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Golisi Battery

The well known Golisi batteries produces safe and durable chargers for vaping.

LG Battery

This is LG’s new brown battery, offering a 20 A continuous discharge limit.

Samsung / INR 25R

The Samsung Inr 25R 2500 Mah 18650, is a must have for any pro vape enthusiast. Goes Great with the

Samsung INR18650-30Q

Samsung INR18650-30Q Battery, perfect for high-drain electronic devices such as vaporizers Goes Great with the GeekVape Blade Aero Tank 0.15