Tobacco Series e-liquid is the new product that brings Nasty Juice into a new level in the vape industry.

It appears with the most luxurious and new expensive tastes that can be on a different level of flavor.

We believe that this can be one of the products that can hit the market and also a big appreciation to our consistency in the vape market.

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Nasty Juice – Tobacco – Bronze Blend

Don’t try to pass up on this homemade tobacco series. The caramel vanilla will get you mad about how intricate the taste is, Buttery, creamy,rich, mouth-drooling good!

Nasty Juice – Tobacco – Gold Blend

You should have this one. The taste is like getting kissed by God under a rainbow of delicious tobacco goodness and cigar with a hint of almond afterwards that makes the world seem not so bad.

Nasty Juice – Tobacco – Silver Blend

Be favored with the exquisite and elegant tobacco series. Classic and upscale blend, with hints of vanilla custard in each puff. Blended to perfection that you cannot help but crave for more.