Moo Shakes is the latest range of e-liquids from Nasty Juice, a Malaysian vape juice brand which has exploded onto the world’s vaping scene in recent months.

Nasty Juice started with a range of fruity e-juices with a cool menthol base, but have since branched out into a range of exciting new flavors.

Moo Shakes represent their foray into the milky goodness of milkshakes, with three flavors each based on a different milkshake.

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Moo Shake -Banana

Smooth, cream and sweet banana just twist the taste of the milkshake to be just radical. once you go banana, you would never say nah-nah. Perfectly creamy and delicious for hot summer days.

Moo Shake -Berry

Berry Milkshake, the perfect combination for the taste of milkshake.The Sourness of berry tangles with the creaminess of the milk is just going to send you straight to Moo-heaven.

Moo Shake -Matcha E-Liquid

Relax ,feel the calmness of our Green Tea milkshake ,Let the lingering sweetness lead you to the perfect sensation of tranquility. Envelope yourself in the ‘Umami’ taste