Welcome to Creamy Clouds, an e-liquid company with a LOT of experience. It’s been a tasty year with Creamy Clouds e-liquids producing some of the finest and best know juices around.
Our e-juice makers have been hard at work blending only the best in our lab to keep the clouds bursting with flavour and the result shows with the NEW reformulated Creamy Clouds – The Originals e-liquid.
“The Originals e-liquid”, our first and much-loved brand has been transformed and reformulated. It’s better than ever and of course available at our home, The Cloud Lounge Vapery, as well as ALL good vape stores worldwide.
So wet those wicks, prime those coils and get ready for some of the best e-juice around. The forecast as usual: Large, Creamy Clouds with a definite chance of flavour!

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