Who is Majestic Vapor Co.?

Majestic Vapor is born out of pure passion for the flavour chase! Majestic Vapor delivers high quality, flavourful and smooth hand crafted e-liquids.
Apart from a flavourful vape. Our e juices are a journey of mystery and wonder. Suitable for all vape devices. Our e liquids are mixed by hand and steeped by time.

Real People

Each batch is monitored by real people. Ensuring that the utmost care has been taken into creating your awesome e juices!

Months of Research

After months of global and local research we have selected the best importers. They deliver fresh concentrates to our doorstep. This reduces transit times and lowers any risks to the concentrates. We use high quality ingredients from the best-known concentrate manufacturers internationally.

Our Commitments to You

\We give attention to two serious commitments:

  1. Fantastic Flavour
  2. First Class Customer Service

To all of you that support us either by purchasing or spreading the word about us, WE THANK YOU! We would not exist without you therefore, you are Majestic Vapor Co.

At Majestic Vapor, all our e-liquids are hand crafted, bringing you a premium taste and high attention to detail. one for the flavour chaser.

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