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Cloud Chasing Explained

Cloud Chasing

When chasing the cloud you exhale a large amount of vapor after using your vaporizer. Most Vaporizers a vaper uses can achieve this by using an e-liquid higher in vegetable glycerin as the higher VG based eliquid allows for a larger cloud of vapor to be exhaled.

Although it is not know where this method of vaping started, it is speculated that some vapers, seeking some excitement got together and experimented on various types of eliquids. Cloud chasing has since become very popular.

Whist some vapers prefer to cloud chase recreationally, other vapers challenge for the bid to become the largest cloud chaser, by creating and entering competitions for the honor to become the largest cloud chaser.

Experienced vapers like to be called professional vapers and known as cloud gazers and others simply enjoy being a spectator. Most of these competitions do have sponsors using product baskets, such as vape gear (vaporizers, eliquids, pods etc) as prizes. It is also not uncommon to receive cash and marketing gear. Prizes are based on skill and size. Judges are wowed by vapers who blow the largest clouds or perform the most impressive tricks, the highest recorded vapor cloud exceeded 6 feet.

There are various creative ways to exhale vapor. Common tricks like “The Dragon” is typically performed when exhaling from your nostrils and the sides of your mouth simultaneously. Further tricks such as “Pushing the O” is performed by blowing rings of vapor which is often manipulated by your hands into multiple rings or various shapes.

A large amount of eliquids are used during these competitions and thus a good sponsor of eliquid is essential to keep personal costs low.

Though cloud chasing in public could be considered poor etiquette by many vapers and non-vapers alike, as large amounts of clouds are created, it is clear and fortunate for cloud chasers that their sport is here to stay.

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