Cannabis Vape (CBD Vape)

Koi CBD e-liquid

What does CBD E-liquid mean?

CBD E-Liquid is a cannabis infused product, instead of nicotine, cannabis is used. CBD E-liquid is produced from Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and this is used to dilute the concentrated cannabis oil to the desired strength. Both PG and VG are used as the fluid for electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) or vaporizers (vapes).

CBD Vape Juice or cannabis e-juice as it is known, is considered to be a convenient beneficial way of consuming CBD. The CBD e-liquid does not get you high, it only delivers the beneficial healing properties of cannabis.

The active ingredient in the CBD e-liquid is Cannabinol and this is mostly used for its medicinal properties. Cannabis has been used medically long before vaping became popular.

Medical Cannabis is also used in a variety of other products, such and CBD Tinctures, CBD Oils and CBD Creams.

The CBD E-liquid such as Koi CBD, is well mixed and uniform and do not separate into different layers. There are many other CBD e-liquids on the market that is not homogeneous in nature and this is a major issue in CBD E-liquids as the vaporizers currently available does not mix the CBD Juice whilst you are vaping, thus many of the cannabinoids are not used effectively and is left behind in your vaporizer tank.

Please do not get confused between the various CBD Oils on the market, not all of these CBD Oils are for vaping. There are many different options on the market, the two most common options are CBD Vape Oil and CBD Hemp Oil, the Hemp Oil is not intended to be vaporized but rather used as a tincture whilst the CBD Vape Oil, such as Koi CBD, mixed with PG and VG is intended to be vaporized. Both of these CBD oils have cannabinoids derived from Hemp.

The CBD Hemp oils were originally not meant to be used as e-liquids and were more commonly used as CBD Tinctures. CBD Hemp Oil is made from male marijuana plants that has trace amounts of THC, however not enough of it to have any psychoactive effect and make you high.

These days, we manufacture e-liquids specifically for vaporizers, these we call CBD Vape Oil, or better known as CBD E-Liquid or CBD vape juice. These e-liquids also has Hemp Oil infused and does not contain THC. The Cannabinoids for vape oils are extracted from Hemp and is completely legal. The lab results of Koi CBD Vape will show that there is 0% THC in the final products, which makes Koi CBD one of the most sought after e-liquids on the market.

Koi CBD E-liquids comes in different strength levels, just like other e-liquids comes in different strength nicotine. The medical effects are stronger as the milligrams of cannabanoids rises. These effects will vary from person to person and ailment to ailment as we are all unique. Users nowadays are trying to reduced their nicotine intake as nicotine has been proven to be unhealthy, this is the opposite in Koi CBD e-liquid. Users of CBD Vape Oils increase their strength over time.

Typical Cannabinoids extracts can have unique flavours and give electronic cigarettes (vaporizers) different tastes. Some experience the flavour as grassy or earthy, depending on the CBD Extract used.

Koi CBD E-liquids have a variety of flavours available, from fruity to deserty and of course those who don’t want any taste, there is a flavourless CBD Vape just for you.

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